• Geneva travel - Cupid has got a gun
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    Geneva wisdom

    A few weeks ago I went on a much needed trip. The destination? Geneva! Why Geneva? Because my boyfriend really wanted to visit the LHC (large hadron collider) ...

    On 30 May 2015 / By
  • Cupid has got a gun - Outfits - Yellow midi skirt outfit An Buermans
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    Camping Caravan

    Ok so the last two weeks haven’t been very pleasant for my as I was stuck at home, sick… Some of the problems will still be occurring as ...

    On 27 October 2014 / By
  • Cupid has got a gun - inspiration - birthday wishlist
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    Birthday wishlist

    It’s October, and that means: birthday month! And birthdays mean presents of course so I took the liberty of browsing the web in search of my favorite presents. ...

    On 16 October 2014 / By
  • Cupid has got a gun - Outfits - The end of Indian Summer - An Buermans skirt
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    The end of Indian Summer

    Seems like that long awaited Indian Summer is gone for good now. But it’s always nice to look back. Past summer I think I almost lived in my ...

    On 13 October 2014 / By
  • Cupid has got a gun - Outfit: Wrap dress
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    California dreaming

    As I am typing this, my friend – and photographer for this blog – Sandy is spending her very second week in San Francisco. We photographed an outfit with ...

    On 10 September 2014 / By
  • Valtari Sigur Ros: The Mystery Film Experiment
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    Valtari Mystery Film Experiment

    I’ve known the Icelandic band Sigur Rós only from  friends that are big fans  but when stumbeling upon their project from two years ago called the ‘Valtari Mystery ...

    On 5 September 2014 / By